Money tracking for restaurants.

DutchyPay improves money tracking for restaurant owners and staff, simultaneously enhancing their guest's  experience. 

How it works

Server takes the order.

Using hand-held mobile devices, servers are able to manage all the particulars of a complex group order in one easy to use screen.

Guests enjoy their dinner.

As the meal progresses, the bill's complexity increases with more drink orders and add-ons, in the background it's all being tracked.

Split-bills are ready to go.

When ready, you can pay for just your share, and if you pre-enroll in DutchyPay as a guest, you can even dine and dash if you like.

DutchyPay also enables managers to track all of the money and inventory moving in their restaurant!

The more you track, the more time you get back.

Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time building your business.

Restaurant margins are historically low, and there's not a lot of room for waste. Chefs and managers need deeper insights today. Even the most seasoned spreadsheet can fall short of truly tracking the details in a restaurant. DutchyPay enables restaurants to get back to the thing they love doing most, which is developing their menu and the hospitality around it.